Quality is not an act, it is a habit

High Quality Materials

We use high quality raw materials which results in better & standard quality.

Special Finish

A special finish makes the laminates water and scratch resistant.

European & Japanese

European & Japanese base paper are used for crystal-clear prints and patterns.

ISI & ISO Certified

Our product meets ISI ,ISO 9001 -2000 & IS:2046-1995 type S-HGS certified.

Laboratory Tested

The laboratory conducts random tests of each batch to ensure superior quality.


List of Test

Boiling Water Test

The laminate is kept in boiling water for 2 hours in order to check whether it has become a homogenous mass that will not delaminate for a lifetime.

Dry Heat Resistance Test

The laminate is subjected to indirect heat temperature of 1800 C for 20 minutes by a cup of hot oil. This checks the laminate's resistance to heat on a day to day basis.

Surface Wear Test

Emery paper with specific weight is rubbed against the laminate in a circular motion. A machine records the number of circles a laminate can endure before it gives in to wear and tear.

Scratch Resistance Test

A diamond point is pushed over the laminate to check how resistant it is to scratches and whether it is tough enough to face daily usage.

Stain Resistance Test

A variety of chemicals are spilled over and kept for a long time on the surface of the laminate to make sure that it is easy to clean after staining.

Crack Resistance Test

The laminate is fixed on a stand at an angle. It is then kept in a heated oven at 1800⁰C for 24 hours to check if laminate cracks in extreme temperatures.

Steam Resistance

The laminate is directly exposed to hot steam for one hour and tested for its colour fastness.

Ball Impact Resistance Test

A solid ball is thrown on to the laminate with force to check whether the laminate cracks if anything falls on it.


Shree Shivam decor warrants that its products are reasonably free from manufacturing defects. The products when properly used, will comply, with normal deviations, with related manufacturing specifications. This warranty shall be limited only to the original buyer for a period of care, improper use and/ or any alteration. It is recommended that the products must be inspected prior to installation and our liability will be limited to the extent of the cost of the products only. Our product is used for various applications, without the possibility of control over the manufacturing of the finished products. The company does not assume obligations or liabilities arising from the furnishing, sale, installation or repair, use or subsequent sale of any product, to any person or entity.

Property IS 2046-95
HGS Type
Typical Value
Shree shivam decor HGS
VGS Type
Typical Value
Shree shivam decor VGS
Thickness Tolerance Thickness Tolerance 10% 10% 10%
Appearance No ABC Defect No ABC Defect No ABC Defect No ABC Defect
Surface Wear Resistance (cycle) >350 >400 150 >150
Thickness Increase (max) 12% >8% 12% >8%
Weight Increase (max) 10% >8% 10% >8%
High Temperature Resistance Slight effect Slight effect Slight effect Slight effect
Reagents 1 and 2 No effect No effect No effect No effect
Reagents 3 and 4 Slight effect Slight effect Slight effect Slight effect
Small Dia Ball Resistance 20 N 22 N 15 N 17\b5
Dimensional Stability MD (max) 0\b5 0\b34 0\b7 0\b5
CD (max) 0\b8 0\b7 0\b8 0\b7
Resistance to Dry Heat (1800) Slight change Not required Not required
Resistance to Cigarette Burn Moderate change Moderate change Not required Not required

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